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Why Work
With Us?

Proven Experience

We have over 20 years of experience of buying and selling homes in Central Iowa.  Since purchasing our first investment property in 2001, we have purchased and sold hundreds of homes around central Iowa.

Buy Your House “As Is”

All of our offers will be to purchase the home “As Is”. We never ask for you to make or do repairs.

Locally Owned

We live locally in Central Iowa and out of the several hundred homes we’ve purchased, they have all been in Iowa.

No Hidden Fees

If we purchase your home there will be no realtor fees, and all expenses will be agreed upon upfront and in writing.

Reliable Execution

Many of our competitors write offers on homes and then try to wholesale them to other investors like us. With several hundred homes purchased, we’ve never backed out of a signed contract or assigned a contract to another party. Every accepted purchase agreement we’ve followed through to closing.


We typically will have an offer to you in less than 24 hours of our initial viewing of the property. Once we have a signed purchase agreement, we can close purchases in as quickly as 6 days and could speed that process up if needed. Ideally, we’d like 10 days or more, but we will try to meet your needs if timing is an issue.


Being a local and family-owned company, we are extremely flexible on what we can offer. Tell us your needs, and we can likely meet them. Everyone has a unique reason for selling, and typically we can accommodate the needs of the seller. We’ve helped move people, found people homes to move to, rented homes back to the seller, and have been creative on many other ways to meet people’s needs. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will tell you if we can do it.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

We respect our clients and will go above and beyond to try to meet their needs. Here are a couple of reviews from some of our satisfied sellers.

We were very happy working with Derrick. We live a couple hours away, so we were thankful we were able to sell the house as-is and not have to completely clean it out and prepare it for showings. We took what items we wanted, and Derrick agreed to get rid of anything that remained in the house. Since it was winter, we didn’t want to have to drive back to Des Moines, so Derrick helped us close the sale from out of town. We appreciated the quick response and the service we got from him, and we're thankful we didn’t have to pay any realtor or closing fees.

Ron Powell

When I decided it was time to sell my house, I called Derrick to come take a look. After seeing the house, he provided me with an offer later that day. He was easy to work with and flexible with many things. One thing that Derrick did that was out of the ordinary, was he agreed to help me move. I had quite a few things I needed to move to my new home, and given my age, it was an overwhelming task to do on my own. As part of the transaction, Derrick agreed to have his crew help me move everything. He was very fair, understanding, and great to work with. I’d highly recommend him.